Planning For Pizza

I am the most organised and yet at the same time the most disorganised person you’ll ever meet, my love of procrastination is unrivalled. Also my magpie like love of collecting ‘things’ tends to mean the disorganised bit suffocates the organised bit sometimes. As this is a food blog, although much neglected due to the procrastination, I realised I needed a way of corralling the box of recipes ripped from magazines, the every increasing pile of recipe books and the half used jars, packets and bottles that invade my kitchen regularly.

So this is beginning of my journey into the wonderful world of Trello, the organise everything app, and hopefully the jar of maple sugar will make its way into something tasty before it best before comes and goes!!

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Chocolate Overdose at The Ambassador’s Ball

I took inspiration from a certain spherical hazelnut chocolate available at all good diplomatic functions for this month’s entry of Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream, and created an ice-cream version that is super chocolately.


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Ice Ice Baby!!

My entry this month for Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream, the theme for April being sorbets, granitas, shaved ice desserts, slushies and spoom, just had to make shaved ice.  I first had shaved ice in Australia, I was living and working at a hostel in Cairns and my boss at the time absolutely loved Japanese food. Most lunchtimes we would go to the local mall to Sushi Train (it does exactly what it says on the tin!!) but one evening he decide to splash a bit of cash and take me to the posh Japanese restaurant in town.  I can’t remember what we had for mains but what I do remember is the most amazing dessert of shaved ice, I don’t think I shared much of it with him.

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Visions of Vanilla

I’m cutting it fine to put in my entry for Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream, so fine I don’t even have a picture of the ice-cream served and presented properly.  I have an excuse though…I somehow managed to pick the nicest week to take off as holiday so have spent the last few days outside in the sunshine.  Despite not making my own ice-cream until about 10 minutes ago I have eaten some today though I’m sure it won’t be as nice as mine is when it’s ready for consuming.


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A Bit Like Cherry Bakewell

My ice-cream maker has been languishing since last summer in its box, under the dining room table, and there has been little room for the bowl in the freezer.  After my freezer clear out last month I had room for the bowl which happily coincided with Kavey of launching Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream, now in the spirit of finishing things I start I decided to make some ice cream and submit my entry.


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Thoughts About Themes

Well I’ve had a thought about the themes for the blog over the next 12 months.

So here goes;

January: Declutter, Clear Out and Restart.
February: Recipe A Day
March: Lunch Box Loveliness
April: ?
May: Birthday Cake
June: ?
July: BBQ Banquets
August: ?
September: Pickles and Potions
October: ?
November: ?
December: Xmas Presents and Plans

As the chaos theory reins over my life, I am sure that some of these will change and I’ve left a few months blank as I am sure that something will come up in the next few months that I want to write about.  And as I plan to be a bit more adventurous in where I go to eat this year, and take up some of the recommendations that Twitter and the wonderful food bloggers that are already out there have suggested and I’m sure will suggest in the coming months, there will definately be other things to write about.

Well off to find something for tonight’s dinner now…and despite the fact that I know that they are lurking in the freezer it won’t be fish fingers, though their turn to be eaten will come soon enough!!

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That’s Enough Procrastinating…

2012 is the year that I get my space in order, anyone that knows me even a little bit will totally understand how the phrase “organised chaos” is the only way in which to describe me.  I start things and don’t finish them, I buy things and don’t use them, I don’t put myself first enough which often doesn’t leave me enough time to do the things I really enjoy doing.  I include my attempt at blogging in all of this, I have managed to keep my Twitter account updated but even that succumbs to my lethargy with life on some days, but regular blogging has escaped me entirely. 

I have had a vision of a blog that I love and nurture, like the many others that I read on a regular basis, for ages now, I have had many failed attempts in the last few years when life has got in the way.  This time will be different and I plan to share my love of food and cooking, (and a some of the crafty things that I occasionally try my hand at) with the world or those of you that decided to read my ramblings on a very regular basis.

I am going to set myself monthly challenges to make writing more manageable and give me some sort of purpose (I do love to ramble – I’m doing it now aren’t I?). I have a few ideas already but I will confirm these over the next few days and put them out to the world, you then have my permission to berate me when I don’t live up to my end of the bargain.

The first challenge (January’s) that I will set myself is to clear out my fridge and freezer, and to use up some of the random things that are lurking in my cupboards.  There are many meals hiding within them as the title of this blog suggests but I have to make use of my mountain of cookbooks and my ability to cook to create them.  It is also the time of year where money is a little tight after the excess of Christmas, this wasn’t down to partying but spreading the love when it came to present buying for my family, so reducing my food bill at the end of the week is also another positive that this challenge will bring about. 

My first job will be to update the list of what I have hidden behind the doors in my kitchen and then invest some time in a little menu planning…wish me luck!!

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